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Clear your tables – a new puzzle company is in town!

So Puzzled Puzzle Company wordmark logo over the back of a completed puzzle

Brought to you by Jenny and Clark Rasmussen, So Puzzled Puzzle Company is a new, Michigan-based, Michigan-focused jigsaw puzzle company located in Livingston County, Michigan. 

We have blogged about jigsaw puzzles at We Are So Puzzled for three years, and are looking forward to bringing that experience to creating our own puzzles.

Our goals are to boost Michigan-based authors, artists, and locations. The state of Michigan is a beautiful place with an abundance of diverse talents and our puzzle line will exemplify that. For now, we aren’t revealing the designs for our first series of puzzles. We have been working hard to create these with Michigan’s talented folks. So Puzzled Puzzle Company puzzles are very proudly Made in the USA.

Puzzle design announcements are coming soon, and a blind pre-order is available now at a significantly discounted rate. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media to stay informed of what’s next. Come along on our journey and get so puzzled with us!

Questions? Here is a link to our contact form!

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