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About Us

So Puzzled Puzzle Company is a partnership of Clark and Jenny Rasmussen, a husband and wife team passionate about puzzles.

During the pandemic, we picked up puzzles and started a puzzle blog to document our journey. We were looking to have a fun thing for us to do that wasn’t pitting us against each other. We are a team, and we wanted an enjoyable activity that encouraged us to work together like we do in our daily lives. As we puzzled, we started thinking that a puzzle business would be such a fun endeavor. Eventually the talking became research, and research became reality.

We hope to elevate Michigan artists, authors, and locations – because our home state is more than a bridge, a city, an island, or a sports rivalry. Michigan is a vibrant and diverse community with so much more to show for it than the few things that come out consistently. We started with people we know, but we want to grow and grow with you.