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Artists, Authors, and Photographers

A photo of Kati Hook, a landscape and engagement photographer who's work  is on So Puzzled Puzzle Company's puzzles

Kati Hook

Kati Hook has been a landscape and engagement photographer for over 7 years. She has lived in Michigan in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, and has been fortunate to be able to capture so many beautiful Michigan moments in her time here. 

She currently resides in Michigan with her two cats, and in her spare time she loves puzzling, adventuring, and golfing. 

You can visit her on Instagram and Facebook!

Josh Malerman

Michigan author Josh Malerman is a multi-hyphenate most famous as one of two singer/songwriters of the band The High Strung and as an author of horror fiction.  Malerman’s 2014 debut was the New York Times best selling and Stoker Award-nominated Bird Box.  Bird Box was adapted as a film in 2018 and was followed up by – among others – Black Mad Wheel (2017), Unbury Carol (2018), Malorie (2020), and Daphne (2022), in addition to several novellas and a litany of short stories.

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