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Photo shows the St. Joseph North Pier Inner Lighthouse at sunset on Lake Michigan. A wave is crashing over the pier.
A messy kitchen with state of Michigan cut out cookies in various shades of the rainbow. Flour is scattered over the cookies, coffee mug, towel, rolling pin, and cardboard cookie carrier. The flour container lid is on its side, leaning against the flour container.
The box lid for the puzzle, a sunrise photo of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge with the city of Hancock in the background.
a table with stacks of Josh Malerman novels in a wooded setting
St. Joseph North Pier Inner Lighthouse Puzzle Image
St. Joseph
North Inner Pier
Oh MI Cookies!
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Portage Lake
Lift Bridge
The Stories of
Josh Malerman
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Waves of Lake Huron crashing on a wooden structure at the beach at Hoeft State Park.

Michigan is Beautiful

Our state is more diverse than just a bridge, a city, or a sports rivalry.

We want to showcase all that there is to offer in our home state – a vibrant community of artists and authors amidst the best scenery to be found!

Michigan is Diverse

Join us as we explore all that Michigan has to offer showcased on high-quality puzzles that can be shared again and again or displayed proudly in your own home or business.

A bench next to a sidewalk in front of a flowering bush. There are trees, brick buildings, and lamp posts in the background.

Michigan is Ready

Excited? You can order now! All of our designs are printed and ready for shipping!

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Jumbled pile of puzzle pieces

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